Grimsby Badminton Club

Badminton Etiquette

(May 2013)

     Like all sports, badminton has rules (both written and unwritten) that everyone must follow. It is imperative to take these rules to heart, because they help ensure the safety of everyone in the gym. These rules were modified from the sources listed below to meet the needs of the Grimsby Badminton Club and to make this an enjoyable time for all.

  1. Respect the court. Remember to always be mindful of players on the courts so you don’t interfere with their game. A minimum of at least one large step should be maintained (for safety and to show respect for the players.)
  2. Manage court time. When it is busy, warm up should be no more than 5 minutes long. A typical game should be approximately 10 to 15 minutes.
  3. Cooperate with your opponent during the warm-up, so everyone has a change to hit each type of shot before you begin an actual match
  4. Announce the score before you server, with the server’s score first, and the receiver’s score second.
  5. When serving, pay attention to whether the opponent is ready.
  6. Play fair. Call all faults on your side of the net fairly and objectively. Your opponent should do the same. Respect your opponent’s calls. This game works on the honor system.
  7. When you hit an illegal shot, such as slinging the shuttle, touching the net, or any other illegal action, make sure you call it right away.
  8. Pick up the shuttlecock (badminton bird) when it falls on your side of the court. Return the shuttle to your opponent with a soft underhand stroke over the net. Never under the net. This is basic etiquette.
  9. If the shuttlecock strays to a neighboring court, first offer an apology and wait until the other players stop before retrieving your shuttle.
  10. If a lucky point is won (the shuttlecock hits the net but still goes over, for example) a gesture of apology should be made.
  11. Be respectful and courteous and maintain a calm temperament on the court at all times, no matter how frustrated you may be.
  12. Shake hands with your opponent at the end of the match.

Other general rules of badminton etiquette, but not used at the Grimsby Badminton Club

  1. Generally when playing outside this club, as all shuttlecocks are provided by the Grimsby Badminton Club for you to use, when playing a match, you should always bring your own shuttlecocks with you.
  2. When greeting your opponent before the match, or shaking hands at the end of the match, always go around the net, never under the net. We understand that this is not possible at GBC due to the way the nets are strung in the gym.